3D Real-Time Visualization Device System for R


The rgl package is a visualization device system for R, using OpenGL as the rendering backend. An rgl device at its core is a real-time 3D engine written in C++. It provides an interactive viewpoint navigation facility (mouse + wheel support) and an R programming interface.


The software is released under the GNU Public License.


  • cross-platform portable R Plug-in (osx/carbon, win32, unix/X11)
  • R programing interface
  • Interactive viewpoint navigation
  • Automatic data focus Geometry primitives: points, lines, triangles, quads, texts, spheres, 3D sprites, particles, terrrain
  • Up to 8 light sources
  • Alpha-blending (transparency)
  • Side-dependant rendering
  • Texture-mapping with mipmap support
  • Environmental effects: fogging, background sphere
  • Bounding box with axis ticks marks
  • Undo operation